Parenting Information

Many people would like to be parents at some point in their lives. Although the timing and your current situation may not be what you pictured, your pregnancy still offers you the opportunity to experience the joy of becoming a parent. Caring for a new life is a big responsibility. We can help you understand and realistically evaluate your options to determine if parenting is right for you.

Am I ready to be a parent?

You might be wondering if you are ready to become a parent. Most men and women wonder this at some point when facing a pregnancy. What not everyone understands is that no one is ever 100 percent ready to become a parent. That does not mean that you should be scared. It means that you simply need to take the situation one day at a time and accept it as a learning process.

At LifeTalk Resource Center, we can help you walk through all the aspects of your life that will be impacted if you decide to become a parent. We can also supply you with the resources and information to ensure that you are fully educated before you make your choice.

Support for Parents

Choosing to become a parent is frightening for anyone. Even couples who planned to become pregnant still experience a certain level of fear and uncertainty. During the most stressful times, just remember that you are not alone. We will be here for you to offer support and answers when you need them most. We encourage you to reach out to us if there is anything we can do to help you.